Supporting Universal Pre-K Initiatives in Middletown

April 10, 2014 —Senators Williams, Bartolomeo and Doyle join local pre-K program leaders to show support for a ten-year commitment to pre-K education.

  • Consumer Protections

    The Senate has recently passed three bills that will protect the rights and privacy of Connecticut consumers. The legislation will strengthen Connecticut’s “Do Not Call List,” protect consumers from fraudulent prepaid heating plans, protect the privacy rights of consumers and increase transparency in debit card transactions.

  • Learn about our 10-year plan to provide 50,000 children with a high-quality early education and set the state on a path toward universal pre-kindergarten.

  • $10.10 - Connecticut's minimum wage comes closer to becoming a living wage
  • 2014 Agenda - JOBS

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In the Headlines & On the Blogs

  • 04/24/2014
    Vermont leading US in GMO labeling campaign
    Bennington Banner: Vermont could likely be the first state in the country to require labels on genetically modified foods, under a bill approved by both legislative chambers and favored by the governor.
  • 04/24/2014
    Free dental clinic to draw thousands in Hartford
    WTNH: More than 2,000 patients are expected to seek free dental work at an annual clinic in Connecticut.
  • 04/23/2014
    Teaching Labor History In Public Schools Gets Senate Approval
    Hartford Courant: “America today is largely a product of the labor movement,” said the Senate’s top Democratic leader, Donald Williams Jr. of Brooklyn. “Because of the labor movement, we have protections for life, liberty and, yes, the pursuit of happiness.”
  • 04/23/2014
    Malloy, lawmakers: dueling plans for 'universal access' to pre-k
    CT Mirror: When Gov. Dannel P. Malloy proposed providing “universal access” to preschool, he said it would cost the state an additional $51.1 million a year. When Democratic legislators released their plans two months later to provide “universal access,” they said it would cost the state $10 million a year.
  • 04/23/2014
    State Senate Moves Forward On Bill That Helps Non-Member Towns Fight MDC Surcharges
    Hartford Courant: The state Senate on Tuesday passed a bill that would eliminate a surcharge on Metropolitan District Commission non-member towns and bring more representation for the municipalities.
  • 04/22/2014
    Senate Passes Pharmacy Rewards Program Privacy Bill
    Hartford Courant: Pharmacies offer a slew of perks to customers who enroll in prescription-drug rewards programs. But in exchange for all those discounts and goodies, consumers are sometimes required to sign away their right to medical privacy guaranteed under federal law.

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Teaching the History of the Labor Movement

April 23, 2014 Senator Looney helped lead the passage of legislation directing the state Department of Education to develop a curriculum that local school districts could elect to use to teach the history of the labor movement.

Protecting Consumers from Fraudulent Prepaid Heating Plans

April 22, 2014 Senator Bartolomeo reports the Senate approval of legislation to enhance protections for consumers who have signed up for prepaid service agreements to deliver home heating oil.

Senate Passage of MDC Fee Fairness Bill

April 22, 2014 Senator Cassano and Glastonbury resident Judy Walter laud the Senate’s bipartisan passage of a bill that will eliminate that MDC surcharge and usher in a new era of fee fairness and fiscal accountability at the 85-year-old public non-profit municipal corporation.

A Smart Start for Early Childhood Education

April 9, 2014 Senator Williams and Senator Looney lead the unveiling of the Smart Start plan, a ten-year commitment to provide pre-K education to 50,000 children.

Increasing Connecticut’s Minimum Wage

March 26, 2014 —Senator Osten supports increasing Connecticut’s minimum wage as a way to help provide working families with the necessities they need to survive.