Supporting Universal Pre-K Initiatives in Middletown

April 10, 2014 —Senators Williams, Bartolomeo and Doyle join local pre-K program leaders to show support for a ten-year commitment to pre-K education.

  • Learn about our 10-year plan to provide 50,000 children with a high-quality early education and set the state on a path toward universal pre-kindergarten.

  • $10.10 - Connecticut's minimum wage comes closer to becoming a living wage
  • Senior Protections

    Legislative Democrats have come together to push for an array of consumer and quality of life initiatives this session aimed at safe-guarding seniors’ pocketbooks. Included are strengthening the ‘Do Not Call’ law, scam and privacy protections, transparency in electric rates, reemployment of older workers and ‘aging in place.’

  • 2014 Agenda - JOBS

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A Smart Start for Early Childhood Education

April 9, 2014 Senator Williams and Senator Looney lead the unveiling of the Smart Start plan, a ten-year commitment to provide pre-K education to 50,000 children.

Increasing Connecticut’s Minimum Wage

March 26, 2014 —Senator Osten supports increasing Connecticut’s minimum wage as a way to help provide working families with the necessities they need to survive.

Supporting Working Families

March 25, 2014 —Senator Williams rallies in support of increasing the minimum wage to help working families across the state.

Celebrating Connecticut’s Farms

March 19, 2014 —Marking Agricultural Day at the State Capitol, Senator Bartolomeo met with a group of local farmers to discuss the importance of Connecticut’s farms.

Improvements to the Dixwell Community House

March 18, 2014 —Senator Looney celebrates the allocation of state funding for improvements and repairs to the facilities at the Dixwell Community House in New Haven.