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Senator Cassano Endorses Gender Equality Agenda Announced By Senate Democrats

Today, State Senator Steve Cassano (D-Manchester) fully supported the “A Connecticut For All” agenda announced Friday by the Senate Democrats, legislation intended to strengthen gender equity and fight discrimination across the state.

“The whole package makes sense,” said Sen. Cassano, referring to bills proposed that would fight sexual assault and sexual harassment, provide equal pay for equal work and act to protect women throughout Connecticut from unfair discrimination. “I would think that all of us would want our sisters and daughters to be treated as equals as they move on through life! All people are created equal, but that has not been the norm in this country for decades. People deserve to be treated fairly, and for too long, access to housing, pay and even protection from sexual harassment exemplify how we are not. Until we can overcome these differences, we’re not the nation we pretend to be.”

Among bills mentioned as part of this legislation include acts combatting sexual assault and sexual harassment, ending practices that can be discriminatory including prohibiting nondisclosure agreements that silence victims and protect perpetrators, and ensuring equal pay for equal work and opportunities.






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