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Cassano Votes for Bills to Help Small Businesses, Landlords

State Senator Steve Cassano (D-Manchester) today led the Senate passage of two bills that could help small manufacturers and landlords become more profitable.

Sen. Cassano debated and helped pass Senate Bill 723, “An Act Concerning Apprenticeship Costs,” a bill he introduced this session at the request of various aerospace manufacturers in his district which requires the state to study how much small manufacturers are spending to train prospective hires—only to see those potential new hires stolen away by larger, more profitable corporations once their valuable and expensive machinist training has already been paid for.

Sen. Cassano said small aerospace firms can spend nearly $10,000 per-person to train potential employees in various machinist programs, only to see larger corporations like Pratt &Whitney, UTC, Electric Boat and others hire them away for more money.

That’s a huge financial and personnel drain on the smaller, local manufacturers who are struggling to fill the positions they need to take advantage of the explosive job growth now occurring in Connecticut’s aerospace and defense manufacturing industries, Sen. Cassano said.

“We need to find out how much small, local manufacturers are paying, and then losing, to train the young men and women that they want and need to hire to work in their machine shops, only to see those new hires stolen away for higher salaries. It has become a real problem for many of the hundreds of aerospace and defense subcontractors that operate in just about every city and town here in Connecticut,” Sen. Cassano said. “We don’t have the workforce we once did in the 60’s and 70’s to fill these jobs, because the push is always on for high school graduates to go on to four-year college. The result is that we have a smaller talent pool to choose from, and if some Glastonbury or Manchester firm is going to go through the trouble of recruiting and training a potential employee, they should at least be reimbursed for those training costs if that employee is scooped up by a multinational, billion-dollar firm. If they’re going to steal, they should have to pay for it. In most cases I bet they’d be willing and happy to pay for it.”

The bill passed the Senate on a unanimous and bipartisan ‘consent’ vote and now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.

Sen. Cassano today also led Senate passage of Senate Bill 923, “An Act Concerning the Possessions of Deceased Tenants,” which solves a decade-old glitch in state statutes which requires a landlord to go through a month-long eviction process when a tenant has died, left personal belongings in an apartment, and there is no next of kin.

The bill—which Sen. Cassano introduced at the urging of a Manchester landlord—simply modifies the existing law to allow landlords to resolve the matter in 48 hours or so through the probate courts, getting their valuable rental properties back on the market weeks or months sooner than before.

Sen. Cassano said there have been 14 instances over the past four years in Connecticut of landlords having to go through a month-long process to remove the personal belongings of a deceased tenant from their rental property.

“Landlords have an important role in Connecticut’s economy not only because they are small-business owners, but because they’re providing affordable rental housing for young people who are looking to work and live here in the state,” Sen. Cassano said. “Removing this statutory impediment makes sense, it’s long overdue, and it should give landlords some peace of mind going forward that they won’t have to battle in the courts anymore to get access quick to their property.”

The bill passed the Senate on a unanimous and bipartisan ‘consent’ vote and now heads to the House of Representatives for consideration.






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