State Senator Will Haskell Releases Statement Regarding 2022 State of the State Address

Today, State Senator Will Haskell (D-Westport), Senate Chair of the Transportation Committee, released the following statement responding to Governor Ned Lamont's 2022 State of the State address:

“Governor Lamont’s address today was meaningful and ambitious, especially as it related to our Transportation future. I’m more confident than ever that the Executive and Legislative branch are primed to partner on finally bringing our infrastructure into the 21st century. As my colleagues in the Senate know, I’m fixated on speeding up our Metro-North trains. As Governor Lamont said, we can and must take full advantage of President Biden’s historic infrastructure package to cut the amount of time that commuters spend on the train and increase the time that they can spend with their families.

One particular obsession of mine has been the lack of cell or Wi-Fi service along the busiest commuter train line in the country. Riders can connect to Wi-Fi on Amtrak, most commercial airlines, but they can’t even make a call while on Metro-North? It drives me nuts that commuters aren’t able to use their time on the train efficiently, and I want to thank the Governor for proposing almost $30 million to improve connectivity along our rail lines. Let’s get this done.”

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