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Transportation Committee Chair Senator Leone Announces Date for Informational Forum on Connecticut Port Authority

HARTFORD, CT – Today, state Senator and Senate Chair of the Transportation Committee Carlo Leone (D-Stamford) announced the Committee will hold an informational forum on August 20 at 10:30 am in room 1E of the Legislative Office Building to review transitions at the Connecticut Port Authority and how the state’s Port Authority will move forward.

“In light of the issues that are coming to our attention, it is clear our committee must find answers to questions being raised on how the Connecticut Port Authority is to accomplish their mission that best serves the public,” said Sen. Leone. “Our ports are vital to the Connecticut economy and we will insure the Connecticut Port Authority is up to the task by making any changes necessary we determine from the information gathered.”

The request for this informational forum, which initially came from state Senator Catherine Osten (D-Sprague), comes after the Connecticut Port Authority’s Executive Director was placed on administrative leave and the Chair of the Board resigned. The state’s Port Authority was established five years ago by the legislature in order to best position the state to make good on economic development opportunities at the state’s ports. According to a letter from Sen. Osten, an agreement to develop and deploy wind energy projects at the State Pier in New London has not been signed amidst the Port Authority’s leadership changes, one of the factors prompting the need for this informational hearing.

The Chair of the Board stepped down after media reports that she paid her daughter $3,000 in agency funding to purchase professional photographs and have them hung in the Port Authority’s Old Saybrook office. The Port Authority has not provided a reason for the Executive Director being placed on administrative leave.






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