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Looney Calls on Republicans to Stop Political Posturing and Release a Budget

HARTFORD, CT – (May 1, 2019) Today, Senate President Martin M. Looney once again called on Republicans in the General Assembly to release a fully vetted, line-by-line budget document.

“Once again Republicans criticize revenue proposals and avoid the challenge of forthrightly stating what spending they would cut,” said Senator Looney. “They criticize certain reductions in spending and evade the issue of revenues to support the programs they supposedly favor. Until Republicans produce a fully vetted and balanced line-by-line budget frankly expressing their priorities, any comments are purely political posturing looking ahead to the 2020 election.”

In a June 18 2017 op-ed in the Hartford Courant Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano stated:

Thus far, Senate Republicans and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy have offered the only fully vetted and balanced line-by-line budgets that could be voted on by the General Assembly. […] It's now time for Democratic lawmakers, who have refused to release their full plans, to share exactly how they propose modifying the budgets that have been made public. Senate Republicans remain open to negotiating with anyone who shares their ideas and who recognizes that we need to change course.

In an April 27 2017 CTNewsJunkie article Senator Fasano stated:

“There’s going to be criticism, but don’t criticize Republicans because we have a budget we’re willing to pass.”

Senator Looney agreed with Senator Fasano’s previous statements that both Democrats and Republicans should release fully-vetted budgets.







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