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Senate President Pro Tempore Looney Calls on General Assembly to Approve Proposed “Mini Budget” for the 1st Quarter of the Fiscal Year Budget this Week

Senate President Pro Tempore Martin M. Looney (D-New Haven) today announced his desire for the Senate to hold a vote on Thursday June 29, on the proposed “mini budget” for the first quarter of the fiscal year and asked the Speaker of the House of Representatives to join him in signing an emergency certified bill.

“I am prepared to sign an emergency certified bill today calling the Senate into session on Thursday, June 29 to vote on the proposed “mini budget” for the first quarter of the fiscal year. I am concerned about the Speaker’s decision to not sign an e-cert which would prevent the Senate from voting on a plan prior to July 1. No one wants the governor to run the state by executive order. I am disappointed by these developments and hope that the Speaker reconsiders his position.

“This proposed single quarter budget is the only plausible and acceptable measure short of universal agreement on a comprehensive two year budget. The Republican proposal is not an option as it relies on unrealistic and illusory savings. In addition, it is built on devastating cuts to the poor, to cities and towns, and to the University of Connecticut, as well as failing to responsibly address our pension obligations.”






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