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December 8, 2015

Statement of Senator Beth Bye on Today’s Deficit Mitigation Vote

State Senator Beth Bye (D-West Hartford), Senate Chair of the Appropriations Committee, today issued the following statement on Senate Bill 1601, the deficit mitigation bill:

“Today we took the responsible steps needed to keep Connecticut’s budget balanced, and to begin to address the structural budget challenges that face us in the coming years.

Due to lower-than-expected revenue collections, we cut about a half of one percent out of a $40 billion biennial budget—the equivalent of $6.50 for a person earning $1,000 a week.

Today’s cuts to current services—combined with the $600 million in cuts to current services that we made last spring—total nearly $1 billion in reductions that we have made to existing state services over the past six months.

The public needs to know this. The public needs to know that we are carefully controlling state spending while balancing the often conflicting demands of maintaining social services and municipal aid while also providing corporate incentives and state loans to small businesses.

The package of budget cuts and the few new incentives that we approved today were assembled in a largely bipartisan manner. I want to thank my Republican colleagues for working on solutions to Connecticut’s revenue challenge.

Now we move forward with a new budget landscape, still committed to the people and the businesses of Connecticut, still controlling state spending, and still cognizant of the exceptional quality of life and the enormous economic promise and opportunity that is our State of Connecticut.”



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