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January 11, 2016

Larson Announces Bipartisan Public Hearing on Proposed Sites for a New State Police Firearms Training Facility

Today, Sen. Tim Larson (D-East Hartford) and Sen. Tony Guglielmo (R-Stafford) announced a bipartisan public hearing on the proposed sites for a new Connecticut State Police Firearms Training Facility. Sen. Larson and Sen. Guglielmo called for the hearing to determine how and why the Department of Administrative Services chose the two sites in Willington and one site in East Windsor as the only options for the new facility.

“We all recognize the need for our state police officers to be fully trained and prepared for their incredibly important and dangerous jobs protecting the people of Connecticut,” said Senator Larson. “However, I have yet to see a reasoned argument for the need for a new firing range and training facility. Moreover, there have been no explanations as to why Willington and East Windsor were chosen as the only spots for this facility. The public needs more information on the process so far and how and why we got to this point. I have serious concerns about using valuable open space in East Windsor for this purpose and this hearing will get the public some much needed answers.”

“On behalf of the town of East Windsor, we sincerely appreciate Senator Larson’s concern about the potential siting of this facility in our community,” said Selectman Jason Bowsza (D-East Windsor). “We look forward to learning about alternative sites through the legislative process. There must be better places in Connecticut than a location that is 1 mile from 800 homes, several churches, parks, and a school.”

The hearing will be held on a date to be announced in February at the Legislative Office Building.



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