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January 14, 2016

Larson Announces Funding for East Hartford’s Silver Lane Corridor

Grant will allow for comprehensive planning of the Silver Lane Corridor while identifying and studying the redevelopment potential of targeted brownfield sites

EAST HARTFORD, CT—Senator Tim Larson (D-East Hartford) joined Governor Dannel P. Malloy in announcing that East Hartford is being awarded a state grant to develop plans for remediating and developing clusters of brownfield sites in the Silver Lane Corridor.

East Hartford will receive a $200,000 grant for comprehensive planning of the Silver Lane Corridor while identifying and studying the redevelopment potential of targeted brownfield sites.

“This funding is crucial for East Hartford and the Silver Lane Corridor,” said Sen. Larson. “Grants like this one allow us to transform areas and turn abandoned properties into opportunities for economic growth. This is yet another example of how state resources can be leveraged to grow jobs and expand our economy. I’d like to thank Governor Malloy for his support of this project and his continued efforts to support East Hartford’s economy. This commitment and his continued commitment to UTC and Pratt & Whitney are bringing real jobs to our community.”

“We are committed to remediating brownfield sites in all corners of our state because this type of redevelopment serves to create new jobs, utilize existing infrastructure, and improve and protect the health of our citizens and the environment,” Governor Malloy said. “This new brownfields program is rewarding the communities that are prepared to undertake major developments for blighted areas. The municipalities chosen have demonstrated that they are committed and willing to strategically transform their communities.”

East Hartford is one of six Connecticut communities receiving brownfield remediation grants today. The funds are being awarded through the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) Brownfield Area-Wide Revitalization (BAR) Grant program, a pilot program which received unanimous support in the General Assembly and was signed into law last summer by Governor Malloy. The BAR grant program encourages communities to consider areas such as neighborhoods, downtowns, waterfront districts, or other sections with multiple brownfields and develop strategies to assess, clean up, and reuse the parcels for business, housing, and public amenities that will generate jobs and revenues and revitalize the entire area.

“These latest investments reaffirm the fact that Connecticut is a leader in brownfield redevelopment, not only in terms of dollars invested but also in the creative new ways we are collaborating with municipalities and other organizations to overcome obstacles to redevelopment,” DECD Commissioner Catherine Smith said.

“Many cities and towns across Connecticut are burdened by multiple brownfields in an area or neighborhood. Determining how to best clean up and reuse these sites is a challenge that requires both a strong technical understanding of the contamination on each site and an understanding of what type of reuse will best serve a neighborhood and its residents,” Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) Commissioner Rob Klee said. “These grants will help cities and towns to consider brownfield redevelopment in a holistic manner that protects human health and the environment and considers what is best for a neighborhood and its residents. DEEP is proud to continue to work with cities and towns, the private sector, DECD and other state and federal agencies to set a national example of how brownfield redevelopment can be a win for both the economy and the environment.”



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