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Contact: Adam Joseph

January 14, 2016

Looney: GOP’s Comments on Connecticut’s Economy Represent the Dark Side of Party Politics

Senate President Martin M. Looney (D-New Haven) today released the following statement responding to outrageous Republican claims regarding Connecticut’s economy.

“I would like to thank General Electric’s Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Immelt for his direct answers about why GE chose to move to Boston. I don’t doubt that GE was sincerely concerned about corporate taxes when they made their comments about the budget this summer. However, by moving to a state with essentially the same tax structure that Connecticut has—and, not coincidentally, the same extremely high level of quality of life—it’s clear that taxes were not the reason for the relocation of their headquarters.

“The bombast and hyperbole coming from Republican legislative leaders truly represents the dark side of party politics. It’s honestly harmful to the state of Connecticut. By twisting the reasons for GE’s move and attacking our state and economy purely for political gain, the message the Republicans are sending to the 16 Fortune 500 companies who continue to be headquartered here and all businesses large and small in the State of Connecticut is unfortunate.

“Worse, it is the height of hypocrisy that these are the very same Republicans who voted against and blasted Connecticut’s successful efforts to grow our economy by investing in Connecticut’s bioscience corridor from Jackson Labs in Farmington to Alexion in New Haven.

“As Joe McGee, the vice president of the Business Council of Fairfield County put it: this is not about blame and those that think that it is would do a disservice to our economic future.

“We can use this event as a guidepost to continue making our state more attractive for high-tech and software companies of the sort that GE is rebranding and repositioning itself to be and as we have made it in recent years for cutting-edge bioscience and advanced manufacturing. GE is still a significant Connecticut employer with facilities throughout the state, and we are committed to fostering creative excellence in our state.”


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