Connecticut's Energy Future

Making Connecticut a national leader in:

  1. Lowering energy costs
  2. Moving toward clean energy
  3. Creating jobs and new businesses
  4. Ensuring safety and reliability

Department of Energy & Environmental Protection (DEEP)

Lower Electric Rates

  • Creates an Electricity Procurement Manager to work with the utilities for lower electric rates
  • Expands electricity contracting options for increased market flexibility
  • Studies electric market rules and their effect on higher rates
  • Requires electric companies to offer time of use rates and meters
  • Explores options for discounted electric and natural gas rates for struggling families and seniors
  • Implements consumer protections for residents and businesses looking to choose an electric supplier

New Industries in Clean Energy

  • Creates the Clean Energy Finance & Investment Authority (CEIFA) to leverage private capital and administer the Clean Energy Fund
  • Supports zero emission electric generation projects (solar, wind, hydro) with renewable energy credits (RECs)
  • Reduces incentives over time to drive technologies toward market competitiveness
  • Supports low emission electric generation (ex: fuel cells) at half the zero emission level program level
  • Expands permissable Clean Energy Fund projects to include electric and natural gas vehicle infrastructure, electricity storage and efficiency financing
  • Establishes a residential solar photovoltaic program
  • Explores repowering of older, dirty electric generators
  • Expands accountability for all clean energy programs

Reducing Energy Costs for Homes and Businesses

  • Creates the Office of Energy Efficient Business, a one-stop-shop to proactively reach out to businesses
  • Helps businesses install efficient cogeneration and anaerobic digestion facilities, turning waste into energy
  • Targets a 10 percent reduction in state building energy use by 2013, another 10 percent by 2018
  • Creates the PACE program to finance energy improvements through property assessments
  • Assists homes and businesses with replacement of inefficient boilers and furnaces
  • Enhances efficiency standards for electronic devices