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April 13, 2016

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Protecting Communities and Families from Hoarding

hoardingThis year I am working to pass a bill that will better prepare our communities and first responders to handle hoarding. I have worked with law enforcement officials from Newington and across Connecticut on this issue. The outcome of our conversations is Senate Bill 119, which will establish a task force to study the issue of hoarding and provide guidance on how it can be best managed by municipalities and law enforcement.

Hoarding is a serious societal problem that affects individuals, families, and entire communities. It poses both public health and public safety risks, and needs to be studied in a deliberate fashion. First responders have reported encountering hoarding at an overwhelming frequency, but are often not equipped to properly manage them. A multi-faceted approach is needed, combining mental health services for the people living with this condition, as well as "clean-out" attempts by law enforcement and families. Simply cleaning out the hoarder's home does not work. Over 70 percent of the time the hoarding conditions return and become exponentially worse within six months of a forced clean-out.

Hoarding is a condition in which a person keeps unneeded items and allows them to accumulate to the point at which they interfere with the use of their home and prevent day-to-day activities. If left unaddressed, the hoarding can result in structural collapse of property and severe illness. This can also result in impacts on property values for an entire neighborhood, or utility damage originating at the hoarder's property.


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