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September 6, 2016

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Contact the Walk Bridge Project Team

norwalk walk bridgeAs part of an ongoing effort to foster greater levels of communication with the Department of Transportation (DOT), passengers and those impacted by the Walk Bridge project may now relay comments directly to the CTDOT through a link on my State Senate website. The page may be accessed at www.SenatorDuff.cga.ct.gov.

This link will provide constituents with direct access to the DOT's Walk Bridge Team. It is important that information flow both ways, not just from the DOT to passengers but from passengers back to the DOT as well. I hope this link on my website will help to facilitate that communication. I want to thank the DOT for making the agency accessible to the thousands of passengers who rely on our rail system and those more locally impacted by the project.

The website will provide constituents with quick access and updates on construction. Users will be able to submit comments and questions directly to the DOT's Walk Bridge Team. The Walk Bridge Team will reply with accurate and timely information and copy my office on the responses to help keep me informed of peoples' concerns and comments.

The DOT is undertaking the Walk Bridge Program to address the deteriorating railroad bridge over the Norwalk River in Norwalk. As one of the oldest movable bridges in the country, the Walk Bridge is a critical transportation link on the Northeast Corridor between Washington, D.C., New York City and Boston, carrying four tracks of Metro-North Railroad, Amtrak and freight service.

Avoid IRS Scams

phone scamIRS scam calls are in the area again. The best thing to do is to not answer the phone--even when they call multiple times a day.

The calls are most likely coming from out of the country. I've contacted law enforcement about these conartists.

Let others know and don't fall for it.

For more information, visit: www.irs.gov

Yellow Pages Opt Out

Phone books are extremely useful tools, and have been connecting local residents to businesses and to each other for decades. Yet many people now prefer to use the internet for this purpose, and for them a printed phone book is unnecessary and unwanted. To provide those who prefer to only use online tools, Yellow Pages publishers are actively educating consumers about how they can easily stop or limit phone book delivery to their homes through a few clicks at www.YellowPagesOptout.com.

Residents who wish to limit or stop delivery of directories should visit www.YellowPagesOptout.com and submit their requests as soon as possible to ensure receipt in advance of future delivery cycles. The site is effective and free--and information provided through the site will not be shared with anyone other than directory publishers for the purpose of updating distribution lists. When consumers use this site to customize their household delivery, it ensures that distributors are delivering only those directories that will be welcome in homes and businesses while also reducing the environmental impact of unwanted phone books.

Norwalk Jobs Fair

If you or someone you know is interested in a career as a carpenter, plumber, electrician or other construction trade, Mayor Rilling and our local trade unions are holding a job fair Wednesday, September 14, from 3:00pm-6:00pm at the South Norwalk Community Center (98 South Main Street). This is an excellent opportunity to learn more about these in-demand careers.


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