News from State Senator Ted Kennedy, Jr.
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News from State Senator Ted Kennedy, Jr.

January 15, 2016

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Investing in Branford’s Innovative Recycling

Since 2013, Branford High School Student Etta Hanlon has run a “Holiday Recycling Program” that encourages town residents to recycle wrapping paper, cardboard and other waste materials generated by the holiday season. This year I helped secure a $6,000 state grant for the program, which Etta hopes will allow her to improve the recycling initiative in Branford and expand it into neighboring communities.

recycleIn its first year alone, the Holiday Recycling Program recycled 18 tons of wrapping paper, boxes and other holiday byproducts that would have otherwise filled the state’s waste stream. In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, recycling holiday waste also provides an important economic benefit. Towns can generate revenue through recycled products, whereas disposing of non-recycled waste is a drain on municipal finances.

Etta Hanlon is an incredible young woman whose innovative Holiday Recycling Program should serve as a model for communities throughout our state. Connecticut has set a goal to reduce solid waste by 60 percent by 2024, and it is the ingenuity of people like Etta Hanlon that will make this goal reachable. Last month, Etta joined me to announce my plans to introduce legislation that will tackle the growing issue of the excessive packaging materials used to ship online purchases. I was proud to have the New Haven Register recently endorse this effort, and will continue to update you as my work progresses.

Save Money on Your Electric Bill

billConnecticut has developed one of the more robust competitive electricity retail markets in the country, according to a new report in the Hartford Business Journal: there are 75 suppliers competing in Eversource territory, and 53 in United Illuminating territory.

The most recent ABACCUS report (Annual Baseline Assessment of Choice in Canada and the United States), in July, ranked Connecticut’s residential market as the fourth best in America.

To learn how to potentially save money on your monthly electric bill, please visit:

Connecticut Schools Ranked Among Top in the Country

SchoolsEducation Week, the nationally acclaimed education publication, ranked Connecticut in the top five states in the country for school quality. The publication’s 20th annual report using federal and state data graded states in three categories: the Chance-for-Success Index, school finance, and the K-12 Achievement Index.

The quality of our public schools is crucial to the future of our state. While we can always do better, this is a great affirmation of the investment we are making in our schools. I am excited to work with local leaders in 2016 to make our schools even stronger.


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