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April 29, 2016

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Democrats Announce Budget Plan with No Tax Increases

I joined my Senate Democratic colleagues in support of a $920 million plan to balance the budget to the level it was four years ago. The plan leverages Connecticut's highly educated workforce and bioscience sector, consolidates government and creates efficiencies, institutes fiscal reforms and reduces government benefits. We avoid burdening businesses and do not raise taxes. Additionally, the Democratic plan is fiscally responsible and avoids using the Rainy Day Fund or borrowing to balance the budget.

By preventing deep cuts to hospitals and higher education, we position Connecticut's economy toward the future. In order to grow jobs and continue economic growth, we need to stay committed to our strengths like bioscience and education.

Meanwhile, our plan sends a strong message to taxpayers and the business community by avoiding burdening them with new taxes and fees.

  • This plan does not raise income taxes.
  • This plan does not raise sale taxes.
  • This plan does not raise business and corporate taxes.
  • This plan does not raise business fees.

The Democratic plan creates fiscal accountability by consolidating government services, creating efficiencies and cutting spending to the level it was at four years ago. Additionally, we are reducing spending on nonunion state employees by capping nonunion pensions and increasing how much legislators and nonunion employees pay for our health care premiums and co-pays. Salaries, health benefits and pension payments for unionized state employees represent a significant portion of the budget that cannot be cut by the legislature because they are contractual agreements.

Finally, our plan provides property tax relief to cities and towns across Connecticut by increasing funding for cities and towns so that municipalities can lower property taxes, hire teachers, police officers and firefighters, and rebuild roads and bridges.

The House and Senate Democrats have worked hard to negotiate a responsible, forward-thinking budget that ensures short-term growth and paves the way for a healthy and strong state economy for years to come. Many of these budget reform ideas reflect bipartisan consesnsus. We have presented this plan to Governor Malloy and legislative Republicans, and are committed to passing a balanced budget.


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