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April 6, 2016

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Crumbling Concrete Foundations Warrants Federal Response

No one was prepared for the significant issue of crumbling concrete foundations in dozens of communities east of the Connecticut River--an unexpected and now nightmarish situation for affected homeowners in our region, which has gained coverage in the media and prompted action at the state level.

But it's not enough to simply recognize the problem--which might be better described as a "catastrophe"--as homeowners are left in the lurch for disintegrating foundations that have drastically lowered the value of their homes, and in some cases, have made them uninhabitable.

As the Senate Chair of the legislature's Planning and Development Committee, I have introduced legislation that will be taken up by the General Assembly for a vote in the coming weeks. The state-level legislation would alleviate some of the tax liability for homeowners in this position, as well as include measures to ensure that we can better track who pours a foundation, and with what materials, in the future.

I don't, however, believe this serious issue should be turned into a blame game, because I don't think that contractors knowingly used defective concrete when pouring foundations--in some cases--dozens of years ago.

Instead, I believe this rises to the level of a natural disaster, and have called on the Federal government to consider it as such. Doing so could open up new avenues to correcting the situation without leaving Connecticut families in financial ruin.

You can learn more about how I hope this issue is addressed by watching NBC Connecticut's coverage of my efforts here:

VIDEO: NBC Foundations


Norwich and Sprague Receive State Bond Commission Approval for Critical Projects

The State Bond Commission voted this month to approve two bonding requests within the 19th Senatorial District, and I believe these projects are in keeping with the spirit of why we have agreed as a State to bond projects in Connecticut.

The State Bond Commission approved a grant-in-aid of $600,000 for the Center for Hospice Care of Southeast Connecticut, which is planning to construct a new facility in Norwich where residents in our region can receive specialized, comfortable end-of-life care. This type of service is among the most important that is offered in our communities, and the state's investment combined with the private fundraising the organization is doing, is truly an example of a "public-private partnership" that we can take pride in.

At the other end of the life-spectrum, the Sprague Public Schools will now be able to build upon an earlier capital project by creating a new parking area with a separate entrance for Pre-K students, thanks to the approval of the State Bond Commission. The $14,000 grant-in-aid will be used specifically to make a safe and separate access area for our youngest students to enter into their school.

These two investments are truly representative of what we as a State should be investing in: keeping those who are new to our world safe, and those who are in their final days comfortable and well cared for.


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