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Contact: Kerensa Konesni

August 31, 2015

Sen. Doyle, Rep. Carpino Welcome Gilead Decision to Close Cromwell Group Home

CROMWELL—After months of public debate regarding the opening of a new, privately run mental health group home for six adult men in the Reiman Drive neighborhood, state Senator Paul Doyle (D-Wethersfield) and state Representative Christie Carpino (R-Cromwell) today welcomed the news that the home’s operator, Gilead Community Services of Middletown, is closing the home.

Gilead has informed Sen. Doyle and Rep. Carpino that after the home is closed in the near future, a real estate agent will be hired to place the home on the open real estate market for sale.

“It took some time for them to realize it, but I concur with Gilead’s decision that this neighborhood was never the proper location for a facility of this nature,” Sen. Doyle said. “Obviously there is a need for mental health services across Connecticut and the country, but the style and delivery of those services needs to work in harmony with a community and its municipal leaders in order to be successful for everyone involved.”

“Cromwell residents recognize the need for mental health services, but proper considerations must be taken into account prior to determining the placement of facilities,” said Rep. Carpino. “I am glad Gilead recognized that this location was a poor choice for both the community and Gilead’s residents. A successful transition to the community did not occur in this instance, which is exactly the type of situation that will hopefully be avoided in the future when facility placement procedures and requirements are revisited statewide.”

The group home opened in the spring and was met almost immediately with questions from neighbors, Senator Doyle and Representative Carpino, and town officials about its licensing and notification requirements and its suitability considering its proximity to hundreds of residential homes and Cromwell High School.



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