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Contact: Adam Joseph

November 15, 2013

Duff Recognized by the CT Farm Bureau for Support of Farm Energy Issues

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NORWALK, CT—On Friday State Senator Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) was recognized by the Connecticut Farm Bureau Association for his work on farm energy issues during the 2013 legislative session. The organization presented Senator Duff with their “2013 Legislative Award.”

As Senate Chairman of the General Assembly’s Energy & Technology Committee, Senator Duff led passage of legislation earlier this year to expand the state’s classification of Class I renewable energy resources to include anaerobic digesters, technology which harnesses biogas from agricultural waste to produce electricity. The new classification will enables those who own and operate anaerobic digesters to receive public support.

“I am very proud of what my colleagues and I were able to accomplish this year to provide Connecticut’s agricultural producers with new options for their energy needs, and to even become energy producers themselves. I believe anaerobic digestion will quickly become a great source of revenue for many farmers,” said Senator Duff. “This technology has seen great success in Europe, and also yields significant environmental benefits by repurposing agricultural waste. Going forward, I will continue to look to Connecticut’s agricultural community for feedback on how we can provide for the industry’s energy needs.”

Additional legislation sponsored by Senator Duff this year will enable agricultural producers of electricity to share billing credits for the surplus electricity they produce with up to ten other electric utility customers that either use electricity for agriculture, or are municipalities or non-commercial critical facilities (for example, hospitals, police and fire stations, and municipal centers). Such an arrangement will provide further financial support for owners of anaerobic digestion units.

“The Connecticut Farm Bureau Association is proud to present State Senator Bob Duff with the 2013 Legislative Award for his leadership and hard work as co-chair of Energy and Technology Committee and his support of farm energy issues. Senator Duff took the time to listen and incorporate important provisions in the bill that will help farmers utilize on-farm energy technology to lower production costs and be more completive in the future. The 5,000 members of CT Farm Bureau appreciate his support and dedication to making sure our state energy policy reflects the needs of Connecticut agriculture,” said Henry Talmage, Executive Director of the Connecticut Farm Bureau Association.


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