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December 2, 2014

Duff Asks Regulators for Phase-In of Planned CL&P Rate Increases

Gradual increase of rates would avoid immediate price shock for ratepayers

On Tuesday State Senator Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) responded to a draft decision issued Monday by the Public Utilities Regulator Authority (PURA) on a request from Connecticut Light & Power (CL&P) for an increase in electric distribution rates.

Senator Duff, the 2014 Senate Chair of the General Assembly’s Energy & Technology Committee, urged PURA to consider gradually phasing in any rate increase it might approve, particularly any change in the monthly service charge—a flat fee that electric customers must pay regardless of the amount of electricity they use.

“While significant infrastructure upgrades are needed to make our electric grid more resilient to severe weather and other disruptions, we must do all we can to ease the burden of increased electric rates on our families and businesses. To the extent that rate increases cannot be avoided, particularly any flat fees, I propose that PURA gradually phase them in over time. Spreading out such an increase in equal amounts over four years would provide ratepayers with time to plan for these expenses, and help to alleviate an abrupt and unexpected transition to new rates,” said Senator Duff.

CL&P had proposed increasing the monthly service charge from the current $16 to $25.50. Monday’s draft decision from PURA would reduce the increase in that fixed rate to $19.50 monthly.

Concerned ratepayers may write to PURA about the proposed rate increases at 10 Franklin Square, New Britain, CT 06051 or by e-mail at PURA.ExecutiveSecretary@ct.gov. Be sure to mention “Docket No. 14-05-06.”

A final ruling on the new transmission rates is expected from PURA on December 17th.


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