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October 8, 2015

Connecticut League of Conservation Voters Gives Slossberg a Perfect Score

Sen. Slossberg recognized for her work protecting Connecticut’s environment

Senator Gayle Slossberg (D-Milford) has received a perfect overall score from the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters on its 2015 Environmental Scorecard, which rates Connecticut’s state legislators by the votes they have cast on key environmental bills. Senator Slossberg was given a 100 percent score this year.

“Connecticut’s coastline is vitally important to our state economy and the millions of people who visit our beaches for recreation every year,” said Senator Slossberg. “I am proud to work to protect our coastline and the rest of Connecticut’s natural environment. We passed many pieces of important environmental legislation this year, which will establish a Long Island Sound Blue Plan, protect state waterways from pollution, and preserve farmland and open space. I will continue to vote in support of our environment, and look forward to working on these issues with the League of Conservation Voters.”

The full report can be found on the League of Conservation Voters’ website.

“To enact good environmental laws, we need good people at the state legislature to fight for us,” said Lori Brown, CTLCV Executive Director. “This year’s Scorecard shows some great wins, and we owe thanks to our champions in both chambers.”

Senator Slossberg is currently pursuing an environmental impact evaluation to ensure that there are no negative environmental impacts associated with the proposed buildout of Silver Sands State Park in Milford. Senator Slossberg submitted testimony before the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s Office of Long Island Sound Programs advocating on behalf of her constituents and environmental advocates who are concerned with the buildout.

Establishing a Long Island Sound Blue Plan
Senator Slossberg voted in support of legislation that will establish a Long Island Sound Blue Plan to ensure that Connecticut has a coordinated strategy for future use the Sound by requiring the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) and relevant stakeholders to study and compile an inventory of the Sound’s natural and human resources.

The inventory and final plan compiled by the DEEP will be submitted to the General Assembly for its final approval. The Blue Plan will take several years to be completed. Once finished, it will provide a detailed inventory of all natural resources, plant and animal habitats, and environmental features along Connecticut’s coastline. It will also provide information on the impact that climate change could have on the coast, allowing for more effective preservation strategies in the future.

Banning Microbeads
This year, Senator Slossberg supported passage of legislation banning small plastic pollutants known as “microbeads”. Microbeads are small, non-biodegradable plastic pellets commonly added to many cosmetic products, including facial scrubs, soaps, shampoos and toothpastes.

It is estimated that Connecticut residents wash three tons of microbeads down the drain every year. Once entering the wastewater system, many of these tiny plastic beads find themselves carried into streams and rivers, ultimately flowing into Long Island Sound. Where they are consumed by fish and passed up the food chain to other wildlife and humans.

Protecting Children from Pesticides
Senator Slossberg supported a new law that extends the ban on pesticides to include municipal playgrounds. Municipalities will only be able to apply pesticides to their playgrounds in the event of an emergency situation where pesticides are needed to eliminate an immediate threat to human health.

The law also requires that parents are promptly informed about pesticide and herbicide applications on high schools by requiring that school websites post pest management plans. Email alerts detailing pesticide and herbicide application plans will be distributed through email alerts to any parents who signs up for prior notice.



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